How to tie a bracelet knot

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Stretchy bracelets are back and bigger than ever! We love the endless creativity that beading brings, whether it be letter bracelets, fun 3D shapes, glass or acrylic beads -- the works! 

You can shop our bead boxes HERE, then join us to learn how to tie the perfect surgeon's knot for your bracelet - no fancy jewelry fasteners needed!

Click on the below image for our video tutorial, or read on for written step-by-step instructions.


How to tie a perfect bracelet knot for your stretchy bracelets:

  1. Form a loop and pass an end through the loop for a standard tie. You can go ahead and tighten it to get the bracelet to the right size.
  2. Then, you'll do a surgeon's knot. 

    Form another loop and pass an end through the loop once more. This time, don't tighten it. Instead, take the string on the right-hand side and loop it under again.
  3. Tighten by pulling both ends, but don't use too much pressure or the string will snap and your beads will get everywhere... not so fun! Instead, alternate between strong and softer pressure to tighten the surgeon's knot. Once it's tight, your bracelet is ready to go.

Of course, it's always important to be careful when putting on or taking off your bracelet. Your knot will be strong, but the string is still not damage proof! 

That's it - that's how easy it is! So don't let the fear of tying your bracelet hold you back from this fun crafting activity. 

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