DIY Pomegranate Garland with free printable for Tu BiShvat

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We love the pomegranate not only because of its beauty and flavor, but its rich role in Jewish traditions and rituals. On Tu BiShvat, we eat pomegranates as one of the Seven Species and you may also recognize it from your Rosh Hashanah table where it represents the 613 good deeds! 

With our free printable, you can make a DIY garland in several fun the free printable HERE.

Have some printer paper and colored pencils?
Color, cut, and glue your garland for some festive decor.

If you have some multi-colored paper, you can also print the pomegranates on those for a quicker, more sophisticated look!

Do you have a Cricut or similar laser printer? Use the print and cut feature to skip the hassle of scissors and get an easy, professional garland!

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