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Tu BiShvat is like the Jewish Earth Day in that we mark our role as caretakers of the earth! It takes place on the 15th of the Jewish month of Shvat. This year, it's on January 16-17.

Here are some ways to celebrate Tu BiShvat!

Before we get started, know the greeting.

On Tu B'Shvat, it's customary to say "Chag Tu BiShvat Sameach" which means "Happy Tu B'Shvat Holiday." 

You can also just say "Chag Sameach" which is the Hebrew greeting Jews use on most holidays throughout the year.

1) You can celebrate Tu BiShvat by planting a tree!

Because Tu BiShvat falls according to the agricultural seasons of Israel, this is often at odds with the right time to plant trees in the US! Our succulent planting box is great in order to plant an indoor, easy-to-care-for succulent this season. 

2) You can DIY a pomegranate paper garland using our free printable template!

Print it on regular computer paper and color it in or print it on multi-colored papers for a more sophisticated look. We've even designed a Cricut-friendly version! Download the printable for free here.

3) You can try your own special tasting of the "Seven Species" we celebrate on Tu BiShvat - wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranates, olive, and dates.

Use our free activity sheet to plan your own tasting -- perfect for kids of all ages!

4) You can send "Forever Flowers" with a Tu BiShvat tag - perfect to teach your kiddos about the environment, sustainability, and the beauty around us!

5) You can spice up your space with "Happy Tu BiShvat" penant flag decorations - perfect for mantles, bookshelves, tablescapes, and our favorite... in our plants for an extra meta decoration! 

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